Accountability is the enemy of procrastination. When you hold yourself accountable to yourself and others, putting things off is simply not an option.

Here’s one way of doing it…

Remind yourself of the people that are important to you. These include people you are emotionally attached to, like family and friends. It also includes bosses and coworkers that you have responsibilities for.

Write down their names. Seriously, write down the names of people you need to be accountable to for any reason.

Refer to this list when you make your procrastination-beating game plan. Look at it every time you create a to-do list. This helps you prioritize your tasks, while also ensuring you develop and maintain strong relationships with the people in your life you need to stay accountable to.

Setting Public Goals and Promises

For some tasks, you can even go a step further. For example, if you run a business then you can set public goals that your customers or employees are aware of. If you have fixed deadlines in the calendar, and other people are relying on you to get certain work done by that date, then you’re far more likely to actually achieve them!

The same goes for doing things for other people in your personal life.

If there’s the possibility of letting anyone down, you will probably work harder to avoid that happening!

Put this into action and let me know in the comment section, how things are working for you.

To Your Success…




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