A website can’t live on one time visitors alone but can with readers who return often because they have come to respect and value the content on a website.

Unfortunately, most online marketers are looking for one hit wonders or focus so much on the latest search engine algorithms that they forget the value of having solid content for their visitors.

Having great quality content allows you to build a relationship with your readers. That relationship allows you to sell your profitable products from ebooks, e-courses, recurring memberships and coaching.

Are we saying SEO isn’t important anymore? Not at all. It is important and a website built around solid content combined with basic SEO tactics will flourish.

However, if the sole focus of your website is only about SEO first and there is no real attention to your content, then your emphasis will always be on trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines.

So when it comes to your website content, think long term rather than short term because in the long run, content is and always will be king!

So before you publish your next post or page, think about your readers, what they need and whether that blog or page title promised is what the content will deliver – and you’ll watch your credibility and conversions grow.

To Your Success…

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