(Repost of a published ezine article from Stephanie Anderson – http://www.ezinearticles.com/3-Tips-for-Handling-Business-Burnout)

The business plan was a work of art, the perfect domain was available, and the home office is now ready for business!

One year later, there are only a few leads, the business expenses are piling up, and none of your marketing and social media efforts are paying off. The business is not generating a profit and you are at a loss for what to do. You have worked and worked, networked and networked, liked and posted on Facebook, tweeted and retweeted with hashtags on Twitter, and added new skills to your LinkedIn profile without any real results.

Now you are ready to throw your hands up as lost and never again see a post, read a post, spell the word post, or read one more newsletter you don’t remember subscribing to. Trying to focus has become very painful and you end spending time surfing the net instead.

You are experiencing burnout and although a common response with some is to give up, there are ways to reinvigorate yourself and get back on business track using the following three suggestions.

Re-examine your goals. Why did you start this business? To make money, help people, or become an expert in your field? Are you trying to service too large of a market so your message gets lost and no one is interested? Were your goals unrealistic in the first place? Are you trying to tackle too many goals at one time?

Just because you start with one goal, doesn’t mean you stay with that goal. Sometimes the business focus has to change and you have not failed as a business owner because your original goals need to be revamped. Have the honest conversation with yourself about your goals and be willing to admit that this goal no longer works or that you simply don’t want to focus on that aspect of business anymore.

Start Pacing Yourself. Success is not going to happen yesterday. Being in business requires time, energy, and most important patience when trying to grow and establish your business. Large amounts of money are not going to come rolling in overnight just because you set up a website.

Take things one step at a time and stop feeling like you have to have everything in place right away and more importantly, that it has to be absolutely perfect before presenting your goods to the world. Perfection takes a very long time, will leave you feeling discouraged and make you eventually feel like nothing is working.

A business is ever-changing and that will mean tweaks and updates to your online information and even eBooks, blog posts, and product updates. Pace yourself and accept change or you will walk very quickly into business failure.

Establish Work Hours. This one cannot be stressed enough. If you haven’t set work hours, then you’ll never stop working! You will constantly be checking your smartphone for every email and attempt to respond to everything. This action alone will make you feel like the only thing you live and breathe is your business – a tried and true recipe for burnout!

Ask yourself if you have allowed your business to work its way into your personal time. If yes, immediately change the hours that your business is open. Make sure your online presence clearly indicates your office availability. Setting hours will not only inform your customers about your boundaries but will remind you as well. You will officially give yourself permission to close your office and enjoy your life.

Burnout is a real issue for business owners but entrepreneurship is very rewarding and is worth the effort required to build a business into a profitable and satisfying venture. As business owners it is very important that we maintain a balance in our work versus personal life and that will require us to manage our time more effectively. Regularly re-examining our goals, pacing ourselves, and establishing boundaries will help us stay on track and keep the business interesting, viable, and growing strong.

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