Routines are good for business! They keep us on track and organized, are set tasks that we can work our schedules around, can help us set reasonable timelines, and are usually accomplished from memory without much thought. Think about a few of your morning routines, the alarm clock, ironing, showering – all done without much thought because you do them every day and can accurately guesstimate how much time is required.

From a business standpoint, routines are absolutely necessary because without them our business and marketing tasks to keep it successful wouldn’t happen regularly – and regularity is a must for a growing business. If we don’t keep ourselves in front of our customers, they will put themselves in front of someone else that contacts and interacts with them regularly. So which marketing business tasks are important enough to establish routines for so we stay focused:  Social Media, Blogs and Websites, and Networking.

Why Social Media? Because that’s where the people are! Think about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the ever popular Instagram – who’s using these platforms? People. How many people are using these platforms? Millions of people you want to know your business is alive and contacting just a small group of the right people will keep your business successful.

The social media multitudes are a sharing bunch of potential business that if contacted regularly, would love to get the word out about your business when treated right. Setting a routine of daily posting and tweeting at specific times during the day will keep this very important task handled each daily.

Blogs and Websites. It’s very important that we have a daily routine of managing our blogs and websites as our marketing materials and social media pages all point potential customers back to our sites for more information about our company and our services.

Our routines should include viewing the site daily to ensure it’s loading correctly, that the social media widgets are functioning correctly, making sure links are working, adding quick tips to our sidebars, or adding new blog or website posts.

Keep in mind that a solid, active online presence means credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Make sure their first impression with your blog or website is a positive one by setting daily routines for site maintenance.

Networking: Often the focus in marketing is our online presence but our in-person presence is just as important. Face time with other business owners is very important for sanity reasons, to share and take in knowledge, and expose our business to decision makers that rely on personal interactions to make decisions about vendors and companies they contract with for services.

This area is not to be neglected and it should be our routine to participate in networking meetings each month, set a number of contact goals for each meeting, and establish follow-up routines after each meeting to stay top of mind.

Growing a Business – it’s serious Business! Incorporating routines into our daily work life are most important to attain the type of business growth we desire. Social Media, Blogs and Websites, and Networking are just a few of the marketing tasks we have to make into a daily routine in order to keep ourselves on track and organized – something absolutely vital to our continued success.

Routines are good for business!

Make sure your routines are solid, regular, and designed to keep your business active, credible, and growing.

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