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When I started out as a virtual assistant and retail online business owner in 2008, I was so excited about forging my own path, earning income from home and being a business owner that I didn’t realize that I was absolutely clueless about where to start.

I had made the decision to become an entrepreneur but I really didn’t know what it entailed and I certainly didn’t want to be one of the many businesses that start and fail within their first year. I signed up for so many email newsletters, subscribed to blogs, researched the latest and greatest business ideas, and I got some business – but nowhere near what I wanted or should have with my experience and products and it wasn’t as consistent as it should have been.

I spent tons of money on wasted information and products which lead to me suffering from “shiny object syndrome” and heading in every direction my brain could come up with. I wanted to do it all but ended up being so burned out that I never wanted to see an online site again and the blogs I had created sometimes sat for months and months with no new updates or information.

When I thought about the reasons why things seemed so difficult at times, I decided to create a site that addresses many of the issues we face as a female business owner (because some of our issues are unique to women)  including mindset, having the right knowledge, our expectations for ourselves as women, balancing our lives and work  – and yes, we all know managing home and family mostly falls on our shoulders regardless of whether we’re a stay at home working mom or we work outside our homes – or the other business killers such as a lack of productivity, burnout, time management issues, navigating the marketing aspects of our business and the real evil – STRIVING FOR ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

So how does a business owner manage despite the intense amounts of tasks and pressures involved with growing a business? What is the right mindset to develop and how can a proper balanced be reached and maintained between our business and personal lives? What kind of businesses are great options for a work at home business? How do we handle the inevitable burnout and productivity issues, managing our time, marketing and keeping the perfection monster at bay?

That’s what we’re going to talk about on this site and my goal is to create a site that offers credible information on marketing, SEO, content management, social media, personal development, networking, your online presence, blogging, helpful business guides, managing perfection – and much more.

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