Although I want this blog to become a premier source of information, there will be times that I will provide a relevant link to an outside vendor. In some cases (not all), the company may receive a referral fee if you click on an outside link and make a purchase from that vendor.

I take my responsibility to you seriously so whenever you decide to investigate a company through a link on my site, please remember the following:

Before I recommend anything to you, I will have purchased it myself or have personally dealt with the company in the past without incident! If I think the information is worthless or I’m not willing to buy it myself, then I shouldn’t be offering it to you!

Are there any other things I want you to know? You Betcha!

I enjoy writing this blog and I love helping my readers any way that I can. I am genuinely motivated to provide the information in this blog and I plan to freely give away as much information, ebooks, and anything I can manage to get to you for free.

The only request I have is that you please visit the blog often, subscribe if you can, and take the time to not only review the information in our blog but take the time to use it in your business and let me know how it works for you.

To Your Success,


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