One of the biggest hurdles many of us have when it comes to writing content for the internet is that we don’t know what to write in the first place!

There really are an endless number of topics for us to write about, it’s just a case of figuring them out!

Here are 3 different ways to brainstorm new content ideas when you’re feeling stuck:

Tip 1: Do Some Keyword Research

Most online content is written with one big goal in mind: to show up on search engine results, and preferably in the first few pages of the results. As you may already know, placing keywords strategically in your content is what will help you garner a bigger audience for your content. This doesn’t mean stuffing your content with keywords to the point that it becomes unreadable. However, doing some keyword research can help you come up with some good ideas of what to write about! So search for your general sub topic and then make titles based off the specific keyword phrases people are searching for. The best thing is there’s already a potential audience searching for this content!

Tip 2: Have A Browse Online

There is so much content already available online that you might worry that everything’s been done before. The truth is, though, that browsing what others have written can be a great way to spark unique slants of your own. This is not about copying others, it’s about sparking completely new ideas. Look at blogs, forums, and other authority sites, and see what people are talking about. Have a look at what people want or the issues they are facing. It’s particularly useful to see which questions people are asking on forums or in blog comments. Writing on these topics means you can truly tap into the needs of your market.

Tip 3: Create a Mind Map

A mind map is one of the most effective brainstorming tools, so why not use this for your content creation? Write down your keyword or base topic/product on a piece of paper, and try to think about the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘how’, and ‘where’ topics that can be created. For example, let’s say your keyword is hair color. Some topics you could come up with are “What is Hair Coloring?”, “Why You Should Color Your Hair With X Hair Product”, “Who is Henna Hair Color Suitable For?”, “How to Color Hair Easily At Home”, and “Best Salons to Visit if You Want to Color Your Hair in X City”. And continue with more linked topics from each one of those. It’s that easy!

These tips aren’t hard to implement, it’s simply a case of getting yourself into the habit of regular brainstorming. And don’t forget to keep a notebook with you for those occasions when ideas come to you at the least expected times!

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