Writing for an online audience isn’t the same as writing for print publications. Yes, good grammar and spelling help make sure that your content actually makes sense! However, many other traditional rules of writing are meant to be broken online. One of the reasons is due to the way people actually read online content.

They don’t want big paragraphs, they want short sections that are easy to scan. Here’s how to make sure your content is super readable to stop your visitors from clicking away:

 1) Short Paragraphs

The first way you can make your content more readable is by breaking down your content into shorter paragraphs. This way, you won’t overwhelm visitors with giant blocks of text.

When you keep your paragraphs short, your readers will be better able to pay attention to what you have written, and will easily be able to skip from section to section.

2) Subheadings and Bullets

Subheadings give your reader a general idea of what the upcoming content is about, which can help keep people’s interest for longer.Bullet points are short and to the point, providing key information in a straightforward manner.

3) Images

Times have changed and people expect text to be broken up with images these days. Not only do they help make your website look nicer, and make articles easier to scan. Images also add to your brand. The good news is that you don’t need to take all of the photographs yourself! Although personal photographs are a great touch for most blogs, you can also find quality images on various stock photo websites.

4) Tone

If you are writing informal content, then keep your tone light, casual, and funny. Write in first and second person to keep your audience entertained and feeling as though you’re writing for them personally. Of course, there are some situations where this rule does not apply (for example, if you’re writing for a professional or technical website). However, in most cases, developing an informal tone that shows off your personality is a great way to connect with your readers and help make your content more readable.

Remember, it takes time to learn how to write online – especially if you’re used to the strict rules of offline writing! The good news is that you can use website traffic stats and comments to help judge which content your readers love.

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