Have you ever heard the old saying that “knowledge is power”? That is true to some extent. Knowledge is definitely needed to do anything. If you want to bake a cake, you need the correct recipe. However, if you get all of the ingredients you need, print out your cake-making recipe, and then take no action, you will be waiting on your cake forever.

This is why you must motivate yourself to take action right now if you are going to accomplish any goal or achieve.

You can’t wait until tomorrow. Action is required, and there is never a better time than right now.

The following 16 actions and principles guarantee that you achieve the results you are looking for as quickly as possible, by getting you to take action quickly and decisively.

1 – Remember the lack of results you got the last time you put off taking action.

Have you ever delayed pursuing some goal in the past? If you have, you are probably all too familiar with the lack of success you achieved when you finally did take action. You might have even put off taking action altogether. Don’t you deserve to experience the achievement of your goals as quickly as possible? The only way that can happen is if you stop making excuses, and begin taking action.

2 – Get off your behind and take a walk.

Physical activity delivers oxygen to your brain and all parts of your body. This gives you a sense of mental clarity and focus that you don’t get sitting in your computer chair or on your sofa. Strenuous exercise, like strength training or cycling, delivers even more mental and physical benefits than walking.

The idea is to get up and get moving. Exercise triggers “feel-good” chemicals in your brain. This supercharges your mental prowess as well as your physical health. You get the sense that you can do anything you set your mind to. So the next time you want to put off pursuing a particular goal or taking some action, get physically active instead.

3 – Remind yourself that if you put it off ’til tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

 Have you ever had a “tomorrow” experience? Of course not. No one has. That is because tomorrow never comes. The definition of tomorrow is the day after today. How can you honestly say that you will do something tomorrow, when you have no idea what tomorrow will bring? The “tomorrow promise” is easy to make. It is much easier not to do something than to do it. Just remember that if you allow yourself to put off taking action until the never-arriving tomorrow, you may never take action at all.

4 – Listen to music that motivates you gets you fired up.

Music can be a powerful motivator. You can probably name a couple of songs right now that bring you down and make you feel blue. The same is no doubt true for several songs that get you energized and feeling great. Why not use this personal reality to help you take action immediately? Pop into your favorite tunes the next time you need a little enjoyable motivation to get started on a project or pursuing some goal.

5 – Keep a reminder on your desk, in your wallet or purse, and any other high-visibility places you see all the time.

Constantly staring at your goals and desires can prompt you to take action. This can be as simple as a couple of words written on a piece of paper, or fueling your desire to take action with pictures and photographs of what your life will be like when your goals are reached.

6 – Read or watch inspirational articles, blogs or videos.

Get inspired by people who did what you are trying to accomplish. Find someone who has taken action and accomplished a result that you are trying to achieve. Use this “real world” motivation to take action yourself.

7 – Share your goal completion date with others.

Sharing your goal will force you to take action or be embarrassed. Tell everyone what you are planning to do. This is a great way to force yourself to take action instead of simply continuing to procrastinate. If you tell everyone you know that 30 days from now you will have achieved a particular result, which really puts the heat on you to get started immediately.

8 – Hang out with others that are attempting the same thing.

You can do this through physical meet-ups, or virtually in chat rooms and forums. You are probably not alone in your efforts, or in your procrastination. Find strength in numbers.

9 – Remove any environmental influences that are keeping you from taking action.

If you are trying to lose weight, remove all the refined sugar from your home. Keeping cartons of cigarettes in your home and vehicle will not make it any easier to quit smoking. If taking action today means not doing something (not eating junk food, not smoking, etc.), then removing any negative influences from your environment is an action steps you can take right now.

10 – Get a mentor, someone who has been there before.

Mentors are excellent motivators. They have been where you currently are. They understand the problems with procrastination and putting off taking action. They also provide great motivational material because you can see what they have achieved. This can spurn you to take action today rather than waiting for the tomorrow that never comes.

11 – Make a schedule for action.

Motivation is a tricky thing. You can attend a webinar or workshop where a professional motivator gets you fired up. When you leave that event you absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that you are going to be successful in achieving whatever it is you have in mind. That kind of outward motivation quickly passes, however.

One of the best ways to self motivate is to draw up a schedule for the actions you need to take to succeed in any endeavor. The human brain loves structure, and it is difficult to ignore a schedule that requires you to take a certain action, at a certain time, on a certain day.

12 – Visualize the rewards you will receive when you reach your goal or achieve the desired result.

 Several experiments with athletes have proven the powerful effect of visualization. In these studies athletes of comparable skill level were separated into two groups. One group was told to visualize successfully achieving some action relating to their sport. The second group actually practiced that sporting action. The results in these types of visualization experiments are always astounding.

In one study, a group of basketball players was told not to practice shooting free throws. Instead, they were told to simply visualize shooting 10 free throws in a row and successfully making each and every one. The second group went out and physically practiced shooting and making 10 free throws. Those ballers who visualized their efforts improved their free throw shooting percentage to a greater degree than their practicing counterparts did.

Consistently visualize the achievement of your dreams. Not only will you improve your chance of success, but the realization of what is waiting for you can prompt you to take immediate action.

13 – Stop thinking and start doing.

There is a lot to be said for the Nike tag line that tells you to “Just Do It.” Some people are hardwired in such a way that they have to spend a lot of time thinking about something before they do it. This can be helpful at times, as in a planning stage. However, there always comes a time for action. Don’t spend too much time over-thinking a process or procedure if your mental scrutiny is keeping you from taking action.

14 – Remove your fear of failure.

The fear of failure is what stops many people from even starting. While this is natural, you can make it less debilitating by asking yourself: ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ If you fail, it probably won’t be that bad, plus it’s always a learning experience!

15 – Stop caring what anyone else thinks.

Too many times in life we worry what someone else thinks. We wonder if they will make fun of us if we fail. Sometimes we are concerned they will think we are crazy for pursuing our dreams or trying something difficult. The truth is, the people that really matter in your life will support you whether you fail or succeed at any endeavor. The opinion of anyone else really doesn’t matter.

Besides, has worrying about what other people think ever created any great rewards or positive life changes for you in the past? Concern about what someone else is thinking (and usually no one even cares what you are doing to be totally honest) just leads to stress, frustration and a lack of achievement.

16 – Prioritize your life.

If you have been telling yourself you want to write a book for years, why haven’t you? Probably because you have prioritized other things in your life ahead of becoming an author. Get serious with yourself. Prioritize those things that are really important to you. Sometimes creating the motivation to take action right now, instead of later, means nothing more than moving that task or desired achievement to the top of your “to do list”.

Look back over these 16 motivational action-taking tools. Did you spot 2 or 3 that really made sense to you? Were there are a few that maybe did not apply to your particular situation? Chances are you probably connected with some of the above tips for taking action right now.

Put them into action, taking one at a time. There are too many excuses for putting off tomorrow what you should do today. Don’t be like the majority of people that fail to achieve their dreams.

Find the motivation to take action now and your dream life will be closer to realization than ever before.

To Your Success…


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