How many Facebook fans do you have? Is your LinkedIn group loaded with thousands of followers? If you got in at the beginning of the Twitter explosion, you could have tens or even hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.  Now how many of those followers you have worked so hard to accumulate are actually on your email list?

The value of having thousands of social network followers is only as good as the level of engagement you receive from them on your posts, tweets, and updates – against all the other marketers out there who just posted their updates at the same time! Yes, your message has serious competition and within seconds of posting can end up at the bottom of their social media pages and often missed altogether.

So consider these two reasons for using social media to build your list:

When you send an email to your list, you are not competing with millions of marketers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You gave that person a free download, e-book or checklist that they found valuable. In return, they joined your email list, giving you permission to contact them through their in-box.

Another good reason – your prospects are relaxed.  They followed you because they enjoy, trust or like you and the content you share online. So while they may be constantly scrolling through tons of content, when they do come across your post offering them a value-rich free download, they are more likely to join your email list than some random web offer.

Social networking is essential to building your list. Just make sure you are not over-posting the link to your landing page or opt-in page because social media is all about socializing, and not selling. Engage and socialize frequently, and offer free valuable downloads to build your email list occasionally, and your list-building efforts will be successful.

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